Ferco 528 / 635 Locks

Ferco 528 Multipoint locks are no longer being manufactured for Atrium Door.
After our stock is gone, the Ferco 528 / 635 locks must be replaced with other brands or styles.

To insure you select the correct Multipoint Lock please see our Multipoint Lock Glossary Of Terms to better understand the following terms:
Handle Height, Backset, Locking Device, Locking Position, Overall Length, Faceplate Width, Deadbolt Throw

Multipoint Lock Introduction
How to Rehand Ferco 528 Multipoint Locks
GU/Ferco Infosheet
If you cannot find the lock you are looking for please fill out the GU/Ferco Worksheet for your lock and send it to us here.

3 Products

Discontinued Old-Style Atrium MP Lock Ferco 528 5-Pt LockReplacement Information in Description
Replace w/ 4990475-KIT
Screw Pack, 1-1/8 Installation 20 PiecesInstallation Screws - 20 Pack
Price:$5.95 to $15.00