Hoppe Swinging Door Handles

Backplates and Levers can be purchased separately or as part of a Complete Handle Set.

Click here for a detailed look at the Hoppe Swinging Door Handles PDF

Athinai Colonial M156/3955N
Athinia Contemporary M156 / 216N
Dallas Contemporary M1643/2161N
Frankfurt Contemporary A117/2246N
London Contemporary A113/2246N
Munchen Colonial M112PL/3955N
Munchen Contemporary M112PL/216N
Munchen Low Profile Contemporary M112PL-KH/216N
Munchen Low Profile Traditional M112PL-KH/374N
Munchen Traditional M112PL/374N
Munchen Wide Traditional M112PL/3965N
New Orleans Colonial M1610/3955N
New Orleans Contemporary M1610/216N
New Orleans Traditional M1610/374N
New Orleans Wide Traditional M1610/3965N
Rodos Colonial M1603/3955N
Multi-point Handle Sets
Rodos Traditional M1603/374N
Rodos Wide Traditional M1603/3965N
Toronto Colonial M1020/3955N
Toronto Wide Traditional M1020/3965N
Verona Colonial M151/3955N
Verona Contemporary M151/216N
Verona Stainless Steel E1800F/353
Verona Wide Traditional M151/3965N