Marvin Ultimate Window Balance

Marvin Ultimate Double Hung, Double Ribbed Widow Channel Balance

Balance tubes for standard units may be ordered by part number. To determine the part number, locate the ID code from the existing tube (see illustration) and use the chart

Balance tubes for special sized units or insert units are not available by part number.

When ordering balance tubes for special sized units, please provide ALL the following information:

  1. Provide the original order number when possible
  2. Provide glass height or tube assembly overall.
  3. Provide balance ID code. The ID code is imprinted on the tube (see illustration).
  4. NOTE: If the balance is oversized, a balance ID will not be available. In this case, provide the glass width, height, and makeup.
  5. Specify top or bottom sash.
  6. NOTE: The balance for the top sash is in the exterior track and has a mill finish color. The balance for the bottom sash is in the interior track and has a beige or white color.
  7. If the tube is for the bottom sash, specify color (beige or white).
  8. Specify quantity. Do NOT specify as pairs or sets. If one tube is needed, specify quantity 1. If four tubes are needed, specify quantity 4.

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